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Process Frantoi Cutrera dal 1906

Frantoi Cutrera La continua ricerca della perfezione Assoluta

All stages of work are carried out in minute detail. The harvest is stringently done by hand so that the delicate fruit is not damaged before being pressed.

This operation has been repeated in the same way throughout the centuries, passed down from father to son.

The strong point of the Cutrera Mill is the diversity of its three extraction lines which allows it to adapt the technicalities of extraction to the variety and grade of maturity of the olives, making it always possible to obtain oils of intense fruit and balance. The olives arrive into the mill within 6 hours of being harvested. All the works operations are performed with scrupulous attention for the stringent cold extraction.
All of the products are made using organic farming methods.

marchio in ceralacca multicultivar