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MILLE - Frantoi Cutrera dal 1906

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Wild Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Oil obtained from olive wild shrubs that grow spontaneously on the banks of streams, at 450m above sea level, in the area of the Hyblaean Mountains (south-eastern Sicily).
Hand picking. From the 1st to the 10 th of October.
Intense deep green.
Fresh and intense fruity with notes of green almond, cardoon, fresh wild grass, freshly cut grass, chicory and aromatic fresh herbs.
Full-bodied, with prominent and lasting bitter and spicy notes of herbs, chicory and almond flavour in mouth.
A bit of drops on legumes soups, with aromatic vinegar for vegetables and as a face and body oil (because of its high polyphenols content).
Code and packaging
172 - 6 Bottles 0,50 l
173 - 12 Bottles 0,25 l
174 - 16 Bottles 0,10 l
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