Christmas Dessert PanPrimo – Secrets of Sicily

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The soft Christmas cake that smells of oil Our PanPrimo is obtained with eggs from free-range hens, the highest qual...


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How Pan Primo is produced

The properties of Pan Primo

The origin and quality of ingredients and processing

PanPrimo - Dolce di Natale

Our PanPrimo is obtained with eggs of hens raised on the ground, candied of the highest quality, mother yeast renewed for over 50 years and our extra virgin olive oil Primo DOP that gives softness and lightness.

Frequently asked questions about Pan Primo

What is the origin of the Christmas dessert?

According to legend, the Christmas dessert was born in Milan at the end of the 15th century. On Christmas Eve, the Sforza cook accidentally burned the dessert he had prepared for dinner. The servant, a certain Toni, took his loaf of yeast, mixed it with flour, eggs, sugar, raisins and candied fruit and after a long leavening, put it in the oven. The “pan di Toni” was a great success.

How does it match Pan Primo?

Compared to panettones produced by the food industry, artisanal ones, made by small producers and master pastry chefs, are generally characterized by greater research into raw materials, the original recipe and non-standardised processes. This allows us to always have different products whose quality depends not only on the choice of ingredients but also on the wisdom and knowledge of the pastry chef.

What are the characteristics of orange honey?

Lemon honey is characterized by a very fine crystallization which gives the product a creamy consistency and this makes it perfect for many uses: sweetening, seasoning, spreading. The taste is delicate, sweet, floral and delicate while the aroma is strong and intense.