The Secrets of Sicily preserves:
excellent technology, tradition and raw materials

Ours are not simple traditional Sicilian recipes. They are family recipes: many of the preserves that today travel the world under the Segreti di Sicilia brand were born in grandmother's kitchen. The flavors and aromas that are released from our canning today are those with which we grew up. Technological innovation has exponentially increased its quality.

Secrets of Sicily, family secrets
Our Segreti di Sicilia line of preserves was born from the love for this land and for our family. The sizzle of the pan frying, the scent of the sauce, the intensity of the pestos, the pleasure of the jam on the bread, the warmth and magic of the olives coming out of the oven... how many memories, how much emotion and how much taste in each of our preserves. Today we prepare them, still with the same love, with a few local and selected ingredients, in a modern 1000 square meter cannery and with latest generation technologies that allow us to maintain the quality of the excellent raw materials unaltered.

Among all the Sicilian recipes we have selected the best and simplest. Among the ingredients used, all rigorously selected locally and from high-quality productions, Frantoi Cutrera EVO oil has a prominent place and makes the difference.

Ours is an extra virgin olive oil with a very high antioxidant value which allows the other ingredients to be preserved in the best possible way. Furthermore, its green tomato notes and bitter, spicy flavor add intensity to Segreti di Sicilia recipes.

For each preserve, we study the combination of an oil that can enhance and accompany the taste of the recipe, enhancing its flavour. It is therefore not just a preservative, but an ingredient that enhances the raw material and which can be used as a condiment.