Nocellara Salvatore Cutrera - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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From the family olive groves Nocellara Salvatore Cutrera is a special selection of extra virgin oil produced from No...


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How Nocellara Salvatore Cutrera was born

The fruity extra virgin

Nocellara: the variety behind Primo BIO

Some of the Awards Won by Our Oil

The main national and international certifications. Over 700 awards in the last twenty years. Here are the numbers that guarantee the quality of our production process, the goodness of our oil and the daily passion we put into our work.

Flos Olei 2023
A sort of olive atlas in two languages, Italian-English, Italian-Spanish and Italian-Chinese, which reviews 500 excellent companies from 5 continents, for a total of 56 countries.
Bibenda 2023
Over 600 companies producing quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the description of the oils produced and the related evaluations updated to the latest harvest. Oils rated 91/100 and above were assigned the 5 Drops, the rating of Excellence.
Commendable 2023
LODO is a Qualifying Gourmet project that curates and collects the evaluations of panels of international professional tasters and which selectively recognizes and rewards the best oils and the best companies from all over the world.
Italy's gold 2022
The Gold of Italy and the Gold of the Mediterranean have the aim of selecting, rewarding and promoting in the world the best extra virgin olive oils of Italy and the Mediterranean, produced with passion and competence by Italian and Mediterranean olive growers and millers.

Frequently asked questions about Nocellara Salvatore Cutrera oil

What are the characteristics of Salvatore Cutrera Nocellara oil?

Nocellara Salvatore Cutrera best expresses the characteristics of the variety from which it is born, the Nocellara olive from the family olive groves. It is an indigenous Sicilian cultivar which is widespread especially in the areas around the volcano, in the territory of Paternò (province of Catania) and on the slopes of the volcano but which also grows and thrives on the Iblei Mountains, our home.

Where is Nocellara Salvatore Cutrera oil produced?

Nocellara Salvatore Cutrera oil is produced in our factories starting from olives that come directly from our family olive groves a few hundred meters from the oil mill. The olives are harvested by hand before they reach full ripeness and pressed within a few hours of harvesting. Early harvesting and same-day pressing are two of the elements that allow us to obtain a very high quality extra virgin olive oil.

How can you recognize Primo BIO oil?

Primo Bio can be recognized by the appropriate BIO mark on the label. It is the guarantee that the product comes from plants grown organically. We dedicate the same care to them as to all the rest of our crops. Because, beyond the BIO brand, all our products comply with our environmental sustainability project.

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