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The extra virgin olive oil for every use. PerTutto Cutrera is the extra virgin olive oil obtained from the selection...


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How Pertutto Cutrera was born

A special milling

A precious ally in the kitchen

Some of the Awards Won by Our Oil

The main national and international certifications. Over 700 awards in the last twenty years. Here are the numbers that guarantee the quality of our production process, the goodness of our oil and the daily passion we put into our work.

Flos Olei 2023
A sort of olive atlas in two languages, Italian-English, Italian-Spanish and Italian-Chinese, which reviews 500 excellent companies from 5 continents, for a total of 56 countries.
Bibenda 2023
Over 600 companies producing quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the description of the oils produced and the related evaluations updated to the latest harvest. Oils rated 91/100 and above were assigned the 5 Drops, the rating of Excellence.
Commendable 2023
LODO is a Qualifying Gourmet project that curates and collects the evaluations of panels of international professional tasters and which selectively recognizes and rewards the best oils and the best companies from all over the world.
Italy's gold 2022
The Gold of Italy and the Gold of the Mediterranean have the aim of selecting, rewarding and promoting in the world the best extra virgin olive oils of Italy and the Mediterranean, produced with passion and competence by Italian and Mediterranean olive growers and millers.

Frequently asked questions about Pertutto Cutrera

What is the difference between Blend and Monocultivar?

Extra virgin olive oil can be produced from a single type of olive or from several types. In the first case it is Monocultivar oil (from the Greek monos, that is, unique) or monovarietal. In the second case, oils from different cultivars are combined and a blend is obtained. To obtain a good blend you need excellent raw materials and know-how. We at Frantoi Cutrera produce both Monocultivars with PGI certification (from Tonda Iblea, Moresca, Biancolilla, Nocellara del Belice, Nocellara Etnea and Cerasuola varieties), and excellent blends, such as Pertutto Cutrera.

How do you obtain a good blend of extra virgin olive oils?

Blending, that is, the art of mixing different oils, is a real art. You need knowledge and experience but also the ability to "build" the product in the mill. It all starts from the selection of the starting oils, from the tasting that we always and constantly carry out firsthand. Mixing high quality extra virgin oils means knowing how to evaluate and balance the individual characteristics to obtain a result that does not confuse the flavors but is capable of enhancing the character of the individual oils, their taste, each aroma and each scent.

Where do the olives for the production of Pertutto Cutrera come from?

Our olives are only and strictly Sicilian. Many come from our own olive groves, others from suppliers in our network who we choose carefully and who share our same values ​​of quality and sustainability and who grow organically. Above all, we support small production: we maintain an intrinsic bond with the local community made up of olive growers and small producers who give our mills the best of their production. With a view to common development and with an important added value for our entire territory.

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