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The Sicilian oil par excellence. Primo is the monocultivar DOP extra virgin olive oil obtained with 100% Tonda Iblea ...


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“First” in name and in fact: the extra virgin olive oil of primates

Over 170 awards in just over 20 years

Tonda iblea: the prized variety of south-eastern Sicily

Frequently asked questions about Primo PDO Monti Iblei

What are the characteristics of Primo DOP Tonda Iblea variety oil?

Tonda Iblea olive trees are generally large and vigorous, with dull gray leaves. The fruits are large (weighing on average 6 grams) and have a good ratio between pulp and stone, in fact the oil yield is good. For a long time this olive was used as a table product. The fine oil obtained has an intense fruitiness and a bouquet of various scents, from tomato to cut grass. It is rich in polyphenols and vitamin E.

How is the Monti Iblei DOP produced?

The Monti Iblei PDO is produced in the eastern part of Sicily, in particular in the provinces of Ragusa and Syracuse. At least 80% must be obtained from the Tonda Iblea, Moresca, Nocellara Etnea, Verdese, Biancolilla and Zaituna varieties, even combined with each other. Other varieties may be present but for no more than 20%.

How can you recognize Primo DOP Monti Iblei oil?

The Monti Iblei DOP can be recognized by the appropriate mark on the label (the DOP community mark - Protected Designation of Origin). It is the only guarantee of a product made following precise specifications, subjected to numerous traceability checks and the appropriate organoleptic analysis defined by the official panel.

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